Cuba is a country which located between North and South America, thus occupies an territory of ​​over 1,600 islands of the Greater Antilles archipelago.
uba Cuba is the largest island by size, the remaining areas of the land are much less or are coral reefs. By its shape the whole Cuba is similar to some caiman-lizard, and the island stretches from the west and to the east, it has a length of 1250 km. Coastline is represented with comfortable and beautiful bays, surrounded by coral reefs.
More than 290 natural beaches, which are safe for swimming and very beautiful, are located on the coast of Cuba, holiday in Cuba is very convenient for lovers of sea vacation. Atlantic Ocean,uba Mexican Gulf, Caribbean Sea surround this largest island of Greater Antilles, which is located near Jamaica, Haiti.
The territory of this country is characterized by the dominant flat character, but also there are small mountains on the island. Natural areas are conditioned by the warm tropical climate. Rivers in Cuba are not abounding in water, Cauto is the largest of them. Havana is the capital of Cuba, the city has a rich and unique history and culture.
ubaThe climate seems to be specially created for the active beach pastime in winter. From November till April in this country is great sunny weather, temperature is from +28 up to 32 degrees. Tropical tradewind climate is quite wet and hot, but on the coast the wind blows all the time, which in the evening brings coolness. Temperature of the ocean water from October to March is very comfortable: 24-25 degrees.
ubaFrom April to September air temperature in Cuba is much higher: 35-37 degrees, water is also a few degrees warmer then in winter. Tours to Cuba in the summer suit those who are not afraid of heat and rain - in the tropics you can always relax, swim in the sea, sunbathing.
typhoonThe rainy season in Cuba goes from May to October, falls about one third of all residues. The rainy season is characterized by frequent and heavy rains of short duration, after which the sun smiles again in the bright blue sky. The peak of tourist season here falls on the period from December to April, when there is no danger of typhoons, when its sunny and dry weather, sea is gentle and quiet. But if you like Cuba, then look for Hot tours - which are offered the whole year!
Cuba Cuba has 5 existing international airports in: Havana, Varadero, Santiago de Cuba and Holguin. However, in any part of the Cuba you can get by air, since in all the cities of the island there are small airfields. Local air travel are cheap.
Cuba is an island nation, and indeed, its whole life is closelyCuba Havana connected with the sea. Havana, Nuevitas, Senfuetos, Manzanillo, Matanzas, Santiago de Cuba are also a seaports. Cuba has railways that were built before the revolution, as well as highways.
Its desirable not to use public transport in Cuba - Cuban buses run rather irregularly and are fully packed with passengers. Its better to use a numerous tourist taxi. Such car is ordered from any hotel, it's a pretty car of a representation class, Havanathe price of a trip will be up to 1 U.S. dollar per kilometer. Taxi companies here in Cuba are State, and their services are very reliable. You may want to rent a car, then you'll have an opportunity to see the whole country during your vacation. Car rental will cost you 60 dollars a day, and also add the cost of insurance.

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