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Joking aside, and military uniforms is not joking. There it accepted classification conditions wear.

  • Protective clothing. Worn for a short time under the impact on the human health hazards.
  • Uniforms. Worn by military personnel in the performance of daily tasks.
  • Field. It used during combat operations and combat training in conditions as atapproximation to the real.
  • Working clothes. Worn at the service equipment, the implementation of special and chores.

Given the growing interest of the masses to a healthy lifestyle, the most popular segment is the field and work clothes. Their global industry and produces the vast majority. long-laneECTA be a member of special forces equipment, tactical units and police. But the requirements for it are the same, and some of the vital features of the garment you need to know.

The materials from which sewed uniforms, different composition and strength characteristics. However, they share the following: the fabric musteasy to wear and do not deform after washing. Being hydrophobic, but is easy to take away from the body excess moisture, retains heat well, do not injure and does not irritate the skin. Do not melt, burn, show increased resistance to aggressive media. For helmets, bulletproof vests and glasses unacceptable degree of mechanical wounding splinters afterray destruction. Shoes must withstand prolonged stress, preventing the leg weary. The sole must provide good adhesion to different types of surfaces at the time of the year for which the footwear is intended. Camouflage properties should be selected taking into account the characteristics of the intended place of tactical operations. Items of equipment mustwell-tailored to a specific owner, not to hang out and do not warp. At the same time, a fighter must remain exceptional mobility. Winter clothing should be large enough that it could be under wear for insulating things.

Military uniforms are not only designed to protect the host. Prerequisites: knowledge can be fixedCove differences pointers blood and reflective elements. The ability to carry with them the necessary things and attached equipment (weapons, ammunition). An experienced person in the choice of the form automatically takes into account these factors, and the beginner should listen to these tips.

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