Scythian Golden Pectoral

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Scythian Golden Pectoral

Scythian Golden Pectoral is considered the greatest archaeological discovery of the 20th century, a masterpiece of the art. Its approximate cost - $ 2 million, although there were suggestions in order above. Thick grave moundIt was found by archaeologist Boris Mozolevski in 1971 in the tomb of a Scythian king, in the Thick Grave mound near the town of Ordzhonikidze (Dnipropetrovsk region, Ukraine). Pectoral itself - is a feminine decoration which weighs 1.2 kg and is made of pure gold of 958 sample, about a hundred expertly made figures are located on it, its diameter - 30.6 cm. It was produced somewhere in 5th century BC. Scythians, Scythian warriorThis relic has survived hundreds of owners over its lifetime. Because of it people  betrayed, robbed and killed. This pectoral is very similar to the Scythian pectoral found in the Kul-Oba, near Kerch. Now this relic gives no rest for both professional researchers and simple onlookers. So recently in the scientific circles appeared an opinion that this pectoral is nothing more, than encrypted message from the Scythians.

What is the meaning of the figures on the Golden Pectoral?
There are three main versions of explaining the structure of pectoral: Calendar, Map of the Scythians territory and Model of the Universe.

  • According to the first version, Golden pectoral shows the structure of our universe, in that form in which it was seen by the ancient Scythians.
  • According to the second version pectoral could be a kind of map of the Scythian lands, which could be understood only by chosen: warlords, priests, kings.
  • According to the third version pectoral is an ancient Scythian calendar. It is known that the Scythians were pagans, that's why every day, month, year, etc. had their own divinities in the form of animals, located round the pectoral. There is an opinion that Golden pectoral is an ancient sundial. The mystery of the calendar knew only the priests and kings and the elite of the Scythian society, and due to their knowledge they ruled their people.

What tells us the second tier of Golden Pectoral?
Scythian gold pectoralThe second tier is completely filled with flowers. And this is no accident. This is because an encrypted recipe of the old healing balm of the root and flowers is located on the pectoral. Scythians widely used it in medicine often during the battles. Mandrake root was the main component of the balm. Unfortunately, it was not possible to completely decrypt the recipe, because it is very difficult to identify the flower only by its golden image.

Scythian gold pectoralIn the central part of Golden Pectoral are located two male figures (most likely this are the ancient Scythian kings Nap and Pal), they are holding the skin (but this is not a simple skin - its a map). They sit. Taking a look at this map, you can see the outlines of the Crimea, the left and right banks of the Black Sea. But this skin-map is conditional . All items shown on it define the territory, captured by the Scythians.

Scythian gold pectoralThe upper tier of golden pectoral contains a chain of animals, which go in different directions. Eventually it turned out that all these figures show a particular day of the month.
Also pektorol shows one very interesting plot: leopard stands and looks, how a lion rankles wild boar. Here Leopard symbolizes Assyria, Lion - Scythians, Wild boar - Africa. If you will use the magnifying device, then you can even see Egyptian pyramids in the pectoral, which are located on the head of wild boar. gold pectoralSo this miniature depicts Scythian siege of Egypt in the 7th century BC and that is why it is the very first African map. Individual trophies obtained in these campaigns (rings with Pharaonic signets, jewelry, etc.) together with the Scythian gold have been put in the Jewelry Museum.
So Southern Ukraine, namely - the Azov Sea coast is located under the wing of the Firebird. In Scythians firebird corresponded to Greek goddess Hera - wife of Zeus. It showed the place in the Northern Black Sea region, where King Scythians lived. Scythian kingIn addition, the right wing of the Firebird indicates the place, where  Scythian necropolis was located. Drake is flying towards the Firebird, which in his turn covers an area of Istanbul and Turkey. There are so many figures on the pectoral and each of them has its own meaning.
Scythians calendar is directly related with astrology. 16-year cycle is laid in Scythian calendar (whereas in the Chinese - the 12-year cycle). This calendar begins from the year of Firebird (duck). It should be noted that the third millennium will begin with a year of Firebird (Bird of Happiness). It is followed by years of: Goat, Ram, Cow, Taurus, Little Horse, Horse, Mare, Stallion, etc.
Now Golden pectoral is stored in the Museum of Historical Treasures of Ukraine.

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