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Due to the particular structure of the nervous system and psyche man is particularly pronennosti creativity. Indeed, his whole life - is full of colors, a continuous creative process, and, as in the literal, conventional concept (meaning the occupation of art in all its guises), and in general, for any creative activity - a kind of creativity. < / p>

Speaking of art,analyzing it come to the conclusion that one of the most ancient, revered and widely used outside the industry views it is the theater. This is one of the most spectacular forms of art because it combines several other (literature, music singing, choreography, painting, sculpture, etc.). All inimitableness theater is at them, that everything that happens is a dramatic action, incarnated on stage by the same actor of dramatic games. Consequently, the popularity of a play and the actors depends on how organically and naturally they will be able to get used to their roles, how high their acting skills. In fact, our entire railife - this is a great.

The Basics of acting

Man to man hatred, as one may have the nature of a well-developed actor's data, and the other - even after years of training and the profession is not much confidence in the viewer. In any case, and he and the other can and should attend chickenssy acting, which give the opportunity to develop various necessary qualities in the actor's profession and skills. Nevertheless, we should not mistakenly think that these courses - is entirely the prerogative of professional actors. Agree, all of us at one time heard the famous phrase "all our life is a game and the people in her actors." Unless"impose" it on our lives, it really is that we have a lot of things, GDSs may appear and show some facet of acting.

Who directed the acting class?

In fact, the answer to this vpros already given above, as each of us at least once in his life faced with the need toStu public speaking and znachiti playing the audience (what, strictly speaking, the actors involved). For example, vysutpa at a seminar or lesson in school, high school, you can remember how my knees were shaking, which had slurred speech, some silly mistakes were manifested in the report and all this fit into the mountain of shame for 10-15 minutes. All of this happened with the setgimi is because people do not know, and a handful of their real possibilities, but the acting classes are able to develop them and transform yesterday's disgrace in today's triumph, which is appropriate for the same 10-15 minutes. Such training helps to begin to think more creatively, manage their emotions, to feel more St.rim and ease of communication, develop communication skills, learn how to properly and organically own body and voice.

How to choose a drama school?

The level of training in any field depends on the student's ability and skill of the teacher. Therefore, various theater courses provide differentth result, and this naturally leads to the need to choose a place of learning. At the same time, sedyet consider the following key points:

  1. teaching staff;
  2. studio ideology;
  3. list of disciplines;
  4. the place and conditions of employment;
  5. cost of the course.

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