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From the time of ancient Greece and Rome, are considered to be one of the centers of nucleationeniya civilization in Europe, there existed a culture or cult of the human body. In the art of the era, especially in sculptural compositions, it can be traced quite clearly and widely. Today, this issue still relevant, but not only in art, but also, so to speak, everyday level. Today, a huge number of people around the world are engaged in bodibildingom or bodybuilding (as you like). In a literal sense, the sport (now without exaggeration it is) or leisure activities represents a set of activities and capacity-building body muscles. This happens due to various types of employment by physical exercises with weights, as well as the integrated use inysokoenergeticheskih food (or rather - nutrient complexes). Speaking of the last verge of bodybuilding, it is often perceived in society is quite contradictory, with an eye to trace doping and the harm to the body. Nevertheless, it is an integral part of the sport and of one of the additives, namely this, as will be discussed below.

What is it needs additives such as creatine ?

Most of the existing in nature and sports supplements on the market, used to increase hypertrophy, that is, the process of growth of volume and muscle mass. Contrary to the existing social contradictions in the GPdew, neither sport, especially professional, including bodybuilding, sport is not without power. And it is not doping, a body so quickly recovering from training and the athlete is able to show positive dynamics of training. If you look at the process from the point of view of physiologyand, any workout without the use of energy efficient power for the time being. As soon as the nitrogen balance moves from zone to zone catabolism anabolism, effectiveness of training stops. And start the process in reverse, it can only positively taking energy supplements such as creatine .

What is the creatine ?

In terms of chemistry, creatine represents a nitrogen-containing carboxylic acid (speaking the language of science - 2- (methylguanidino ) -etanovuyu acidsy). She is actively involved in the metabolism of muscle and nerve tissues. In fact, our organism synthesizes the active component of the three amino acids (glycine, arginine, methionine) but this amount of course not enough to influence the global hypertrophy. This fact makes the creatine excellent Candidathat the role of sports supplements in the diet of athletes involved in bodybuilding.

Action creatine and

As a sports supplement, creatine effect on indicators such training as strength and endurance. Specifically, it allowsyaet body at the right time to release the required amount of energy, and thus achieve superior results. Statistically proven that taking a creatine and improves the performance of strength and endurance by about 25% (of course, the duration of the additives).

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