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NPP germany, old nuclear reactors

Germany "older nuclear reactors" were criticized.

SPD and the Green Party are for a shorter period of NPP operation, Minister of Environment Rettgen says about pause, the Chancellor recognizes herself as a supporter of nuclear power and promises "guaranteed protection". Thus, trouble in Japan inspires uncertainty in Germany.

accident at the Fukushima nuclear plant in JapanWhile German politicians, such as Foreign Minister Guido Westerwelle, now emphasize that the aid and sympathy to Japanese region should be in the spotlight, others have already begun the expected debate about nuclear policy. Debate, also inspired by elections (on March 27 in Baden-Württemberg) to the Landtag, where work 4 nuclear power plants. In Phillipsburg (Baden-Württemberg) is located a nuclear reactor, which works for 32 years. He is of the same type as the reactor which was in trouble at Fukushima.
German Chancellor Angela MerkelAfter Chancellor Angela Merkel reported on Saturday only about protective rechecking of nuclear reactors, the SPD chief Sigmar Gabriel demanded on Sunday (13.03.2011) tu shutdown the old nuclear power plants, which are not on the current level of scientific modernization. Former Federal Minister of Environmental Protection Gabriel said: "The assumption that in Germany can not be a tsunami, and can not be such a strong earthquake as in Japan, and that the old reactors could be left in the system, are incorrect". Old nuclear reactors, GermanyFinally speech was always carried about question: what would happen in nuclear power plants in result of power outages and about cooling which is needed in this case. Although, violation of electricity could be caused by violations of emergency aggregates, as has happened in 2006 in the Swedish town of Forsmark . Older reactors are also not protected from air crashes.

Throughout the world, there is no protection against a nuclear meltdown of the reactor core.

NPP germany, old nuclear reactorsCurrently in the atomic system of Germany there are 17 nuclear reactors, all of which were built in the 70th and 80th years. German nuclear installations according to official data are earthquake resistant, but were designed for the more weak earthquakes than the Japanese. Construction of a nuclear power plant Myulgeym Kerlih in Rhineland-Palatinate was even suspended in 1988 due to earthquake hazard.
NPP germany, old nuclear reactorsGreen Party member Juergen Trittin said that he had long aware that no nuclear power plant in the world is protected from the meltdown of reactor core. This was the main point, why the federal government under Chancellor Gerhard Schröder ( SPD) in 2001 reached an agreement  with the atomic concerns and banned the construction of new nuclear power plants.
NPP germany, old nuclear reactors SPD, the Green Party and the Left demanded to cancel the conclusion to change the activities of German nuclear power plants during 12 years, adopted by current government a few months ago.
Federal lands from the SPD has recently filed a complaint to the Federal Constitutional Court against the longer term of activity of the NPP.

Environment Minister Rettgen sees "a pause".

Chancellor Merkel is now unwilling to answer questions posed by many journalists: is it possible to change anything in the extension of operating term of nuclear power plants? She only said: "First we need to see what conclusions can be drawn from the events in Japan".

NPP germany, old nuclear reactorsHowever, the shock caused by the nuclear disaster, which had happened in Japan - a country with a highly developed technologies, with its so called reliable nuclear power plants, can also be seen among politicians from the government. Federal Minister of Environment Norbert Rettgen (CDU) had a feeling that something fundamental would bring a troubles, which he still could not correctly perceive, and he said: "This is the moment, which happened, and about which you can say - this should not happen, and about which have always said - we had all the guarantees".
On the contrary, qualified physicist Angela Merkel considers herself a  supporter of "peaceful use of nuclear energy" in the future. Today she also adheres to this - "responsibly" and "acceptably", but at the same time, declares that the protection and security of the people are "the highest priority".

Technical rearmament has unreasonably high price

NPP germany, old nuclear reactorsAssurances of Members of the government that nuclear power plants are reliable, alternated with statements that their safety is checked. Expert on Nuclear Energy member of the Greenpeace party - Tobias Riedl said, that such check should inevitably lead to disabling of reactors, especially "ancient". Their technical rearmament has unreasonably high price. Energy concern will pay for nuclear power only up to 500 million euros, what is insufficient. The remainder will lie a cargo on the shoulders of the state.

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Video: "The explosion at Fukushima nuclear power plant. Japan."

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    glassol - 27.12.2012, 08:04
    Nuclear power is realy dengerous. So i think they have made right decision.
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    They are right its better to use nature energy: solar, wind and ocean.