Egypt - a country of mystery and great mysteries!


Rest in Egypt on - it is very beautiful and promising. Each of us is a very detsTwa have always heard about the distant and mysterious beautiful Egypt, for all his great grand pyramids and large powerful pharaohs, the Nile and the Great unique silent sphinx. Egypt - a unique country of the proud and magnificent Cleopatra, Queen of strict Hatshepsup and great beauty Nefertiti still always Findingysya is standard of female beauty. Third, all of the historical monuments of the world is unique in the whole territory of the cradle of the most ancient civilizations. The modern travel agency you can always just buy the latest offerings from the beautiful Odessa, and thanks to the great experience   Managers can get quality information abouthotels all over Egypt from them first hand.

Rest in Egypt, the beautiful - it will give you an unforgettable impression of all - it will give you a magnificent valley of the Nile, all the diversity of the underwater world, and it is exotic Red Sea. You can also get an unforgettable pleasure from mere touch with fabulous Uniquesecond nature and very ancient history!

Guess exactly what Egypt is like a tree? Correctly! He's just the same in winter and summer one in a different color - the color of the beautiful turquoise sea, its colorful underwater life and unique modern clad crowd of tourists, including those from all major countries. A fair number of our largethey just used to take holidaymakers all year round Egypt « second cottage & raquo ;, where you can always break your weekend sunbathe and dive well. Historical « ekskursionka » - A unique set: the pyramids and Luxor all day simply precipitated by the crowds of travelers who want a touch pmof. Well, all divers and say nothing: they are here somewhere, at thirty for each large reef.

Safety of tourists

If you do not need all the extra adventure is on your head, it costs you to remember that all the bare shoulders and short skirts - it's not a good simple form of clothing yours walking outside of the hotel is where you live. All hotels should always use a unique safe: the case of large theft - it is not uncommon. Water even tap you can not drink or even just brushing her teeth - there is a very high risk of simply frustrate oversight of your entire gastrointestinal tract isa good half of your holiday. Finally, it is worth your time noticed that where it is at the entrance to the sea there are beautiful coral, you can not be put into the water without any special quality slippers, and just splash around them you should be very careful.


The climate is tropical and unique subtropichesky continental (very beautiful coast of the Mediterranean Sea). In winter (December to February), the temperature of the air is +20 ... + 25 ° C, well, in the summer (May to September) ... 35 to + 40 ° C. In the winter and spring often blow even the most dry hot winds under a unique name « hamsin ».


In order for you to upholster in Egypt simply just go to the website and book their ticket to the world of mysteries and the great mysteries.

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