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Baldinini - a very famous Italian quality brEnd, specializes in the production of a good elite footwear, accessories and modern perfumery.

In 2006, he released his Jimmy printed edition of « My Way Shoes & raquo ;, where it is well described the history of the whole creation and further unique the development of a family business. It was in the same year and was launchedits perfume line, which offers unique flavors for all the men and beautiful women. In 2007, a contract was signed boloy modern corporation « Facco Corporation & raquo ;, it is aimed to produce quality jewelry with a unique trademark & ??laquo; Baldinini & raquo ;. The next 2008 the volume of sales of big   of « Baldinini » made where that forty-seven million US dollars. chereh three years   2011 Jimmy Baldinini undoubtedly was appointed to the high office of Vice President largest associationsation of Italian manufacturers of high-quality modern shoe (ANCI). This is a good organization is engaged in the promotion of high-quality Italian brands, is organizing an exhibition of their products in a beautiful New York and Beijing large.

Beautiful bag and boots made of high quality unique collection Spring-Summer 2012.
In the same debt, the Baldinini just opened a three-star hotel under the name of « Gimmi Hotel & raquo ;, located just nearby the center of Torre Pedrera, as well as good cooperation with a great wine modern company « Tenuta Masselina & raquo ;, which now owned by a large corporation « GruppoCevico » qualitatively he developed his very unique collection of wines. So even through the joint work we have been well established as tasty wines like Sangiovese Riserva, Spumante Brut, Chardonnay. At the same time, it now counts such big companies even more than all the hundred single-brand modern boutiques. Branded products of their repravlena 23 biggest countries of the world.

Style « Baldinini »

Each large collection « Baldinini » - It's always a perfect combination of high-quality Italian craftsmanship and all the modern trendFirst our fashion. Shoes, as well as all the accessories of the brand Baldinini - is just the perfect choice for all those who appreciate the great luxury, exclusive and unique good. Himself Jimmy Baldinini produces quality shoes for all occasions of our life: it is for everyday or even business style, andded all your holiday celebrations and big events. The brand is now offering a very broad palette of colors milestones. For tailoring unique products designers always use different types of quality leather, textiles, and good tires.

The company « Baldinini » justIt offers customers a very wide range of quality footwear. In the women's high line includes: a beautiful ballerina, modern boots, pumps, unique sandals, clogs, sandals, espadrilles and boots.

Men's collection is good: quality shoes, running shoes, plain derby, MOCassino brogues and Oxfords.
Production of the brand « Baldinini » It is very popular among all the well-known contemporary figures, including Michael Schumacher, beautiful Claudia Schiffer, Christian Bernard, Jean-Claude baths Damme, dear Diego Maradona and Michelangelo Antoniono.

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