Where can I buy a present for a girl on the first day of birth?

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Gift baby - often difficult and responsible choice. Thinking that give Reubenku, we try not to cause harm and to bring joy to kids. Because we do not remember their desires at the age of 1 year, that is to rely on their understanding of life, the child's needs and try to satisfy the desires of parents of young restless children. Therefore, in the Ukrainian Internet has opened a new interesting service of searching for gifts -. Inthis site, you can easily and quickly find a good gift, which is not only the birth of the child, but also a gift for any occasion. By the way, this site is a great aggregator of gifts that can accommodate a variety of proven online stores in Ukraine.

So, what to give your child for the first year of her life?

At this age, children are not yet have its own preferences, favorite cartoon characters or favorite toys, which could rely when choosing a gift. But she actively learn about the world and all the things she experienced in all possible ways : strength, smell, taste, color and functionality.

In the laneand foremost a toy to entertain baby and should be safe for the health of babies. Toys should also help the child to develop. These include:

  • Toys for bathroom;
  • Toys for sleep;
  • Educational electronic toys, in short, all that will hold a child's attention and entertain her. Also useful giftsm will be games aimed at the physical development. These include: balls, rubber rings for swimming, big cars, top, cubes and others.

Gift for girl of 1 year to choose as hard as a gift boy 1 year. At this age children still do not distinguish things on a girl's and a boy. But alsos parents see such a difference. Therefore, time should ask their parents: "What to give a child for 1 year"? And you will hear their wishes, which will help to choose a gift for a boy or girl.

Most often the best gift to the boy - a ball or machine. These toys encourage the baby to move that contributes to its physical development. Also smallth researcher like cubes with large paintings and plastic toy in the shape of the things that surround him in everyday life. The best gift a girl, according to their parents - a ball (but the "girl's" color), a doll or an electronic toy. But she is also willing to play dice, or a top plastic toysshaped vegetables or fruit.

Parents should not forget that communication with your child is one of the most important components of education. Just playing with the child, or by reading it, you become closer to his angels, creating a sense of security, protection, care, and most importantly - love. A child that is in need.

So, fordvedem totals. The best gift for children - this is all that has a bright color, can make sounds, swim, walk, ride, or what you can play outdoor games for children.

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