Tutors are advised to carefully study the curriculum


When in the 11th grade lessons are no students, teachers do not worry too much, because I knowie: children went to a tutor. The closer the time of the exam, the more ads about the services of tutors. Without them join the "university" is almost impossible. Therefore, almost every fourth associate professor, graduate and undergraduate students, not to mention the high school teacher who moonlights tutoring.

What turnipsTitora better, "high school" or the school?

The lack of textbooks and inadequate skills of independent work of students in secondary schools led to the fact that over the past two decades in Russia with a "army" tutors. Ads about their services can be seen on the Internet, newspapers, and just on poles. Especiallyyros demand for their services after the introduction of external independent testing (EIT). The most reliable tutors believe that you have advised good friends. However, much more practical advice and real choice of tutors can be found on the website.

Nowhere parents nowhere. Requirements for independent testedTheological severe, and the level of knowledge in secondary schools - mediocre. Therefore, learning is considered as a "magic wand." Where do without it?! This means that parents should advance to save an average of one item from a thousand to a few thousand "green". As for the other coaches, they usually indicate hourly cost of services.

How much knowledge?

The cost of learning can vary hour. The calculation can be in rubles and other currencies. In just six to eight months of work with schoolchildren "accumulates" a thousand dollars. Depending on the time spent on preparing the applicant depends on the level of payment.

It is believed that less time is required to study social sciences. If a student is a good memory, enough to study predmetaistorii four to five months. Moreover, even in the last days before the commencement of "university" there could be some changes.

According to the tutors themselves, much more BPEMeni need for the development of natural sciences, where, apart from memorizing terminology from the applicant requires the ability to think logically. Therefore, to study these subjects begins in grades 9-10.
even more difficult with the exact disciplines - mathematics, physics. They Teachers are advised to begin to "make friends" with another 7-8 class. Almost the same situation andnostrannymi languages. It is not enough, "memorize" the words, we must also put pronunciation, grammar master.
In addition to the name of the object, the value of service learning also depends on the university, which is planning to enter your child. As a rule, the higher the cost of education the more zeros to the price tag will be a tutor.

However, you can find" cheap "experts. The cost of tutors" churning "students, who thus earn a living. So find a tutor is simple - offer significantly outweigh demand. Another thing is that among their number just find really professional specialist.

Until recently,his time, most parents pay for tutoring in the "university" of teachers, believing that they know better entry requirements, moreover, are familiar to the selection committee.

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