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human freedom

A man who knows how to express his thoughts can be invaluable in society of total consumption of others' thoughts and ideas. The main problem of such a society is that people who obey their wishes, become a plaything in the hands of skilled demagogues, having the right rhetoric they make crowd dependent and thousands of people become victims of their own temptations.
freedom Freedom - this word attracts people like a magnet, and we can not resist the temptation to take a bite, taste, at least a piece of that seems us a general a bliss on the Earth. Eagle is proudly hovering in the sky above the spacious steppes of our land, his flight seems free and independent, with his sharp eyes he searches for prey, to refill his life energy reserve and again plunge into a free flight over the boundless expanse of our planet. money power Can a person be free as an eagle? This question remains open as for man isn't enough to refill energy, he always needs more - money, power, drugs, sex (meaning, prostitution and sex without creating a family), alcohol, these resources of general consumption, as many think make them free and independent persons. Man refined by his desires, gains bliss and in comparison with this, other problems fade into the background. money powerBut the man finally have to pay for his freedom, after bliss it comes a moment, when you want to howl, the soul is empty and, therefore, is needed a new dose of that freedom, which seem to be a bliss. And then, only for a moment, the person becomes a hostage of the freedom, which is a bliss. And then freedom turns into slavery. And the crowd of slaves walk and look for escape. But there is no escape, or there is, but its not visible as stars in the sky, which are invisible in gloomy darkness. But this darkness was created by the man himself, and if you will try, you can overcome the darkness and find the escape.
freedomYes, human freedom is mysterious, like the man himself, finding a certain freedom he stops to think, so it's easy to control him.
Social equality is another word that does not care about a person, convinces man that he is equal before the the same people as he is. "We have the rights, we are all equal", thus says the crowd of slaves, who received their handful freedom and also their rights. money manIt seems that everything is good - man got freedom, social equality, and can safely walk the planet. Or whether troubled, with an eye to the fact that still there is one law. Law which no one has ever been canceled, "the law of money and power". And man becomes inutile with his freedoms and rights. Because in the civilized world, all the freedoms and rights are created by "the law of money and power". man powerThis law subordinates the all mankind to his own will and whoever has money also obey to this law. An all-consuming monster of human souls, walks the planet and absorbs everything in his path, and crowds of free slaves, dying from various causes and don't realize that they have become victims of a sinister law, which was invented by man himself.
money power peopleIn each country, it manifests in different ways: in some countries people try to fight with it, in some - proclaim it the only ruler of the human souls. But in both cases suffer ordinary people.

No one was able to build an ideal state where the law of money and power would not person's supergoal, but only a means of existence. Only time can reveal the secret of the existence of the law and maybe completely wipe it off the face of the earth.

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    Yuriy - 17.12.2012, 18:23
    Money is only paper - only people have real value.