Economic crisis

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economic crisis

It's no a secret that in our time, in order to save the employer seeks universal employees. Who don't drink, don't smoke, have not asked questions, and working quietly all day for a wage which is little more then the subsistence minimum. enterprise, plant, oil refineryBetter yet, when he is orphan: no wife, no children, no family that he can work overtime (here only overtime are not provided in all enterprises). I would like to tell more about one plant, existing in the town of N. This large and in the past quite profitable plant of oil equipment in the in the middle of 90s was completely purchased by one glib entrepreneur. Hostel and a kindergarten were attached to the plant as "baggage". The new owner sold part of the property himself, some part was pulled apart by the old owners, but the plant is not giving up. There are still resources for survival in its storerooms. Then owner thought and decided to open glass manufacture, is it not a business? enterprise, plant, oil refineryRaw materials are cheap, the slave force gad around and always demand something (workers were received as an attachment to the plant). Enlisting the support of the mayor, promising 1,500 jobs, he took a loan and began to work. Soon bath furnace was built, were installed glass forming machines made ​​in Italy and was purchased mold set. It remains to hire specialists and to fulfill the promise given for the mayor, provide the city with jobs. At last the long-awaited day has come, and the first batch of glass was produced. Employer was in anticipation of huge profits, while workers were in anticipation of the promised salary, all were full of enthusiasm and faith in a better future. First awards and solid customers, inspired owner to expand production and build another furnace, two times bigger than the first one. enterprise, plant, oil refineryWith the construction in the company have arosed first financial problems, which have begun to solve at the expense of workers. Appeared delays in the payment of salaries for workers, and the solemn assurances that after the commissioning of the second furnace gross output will be tripled and all debts will be paid. However, alone promises can not be put on the table for public utilities and hungry children, and also you have to pay in public transport. In many nerves gave way, were mass dismissals and complaints to the prosecutor. enterprise, plantBut not all waited the expected result (without receiving complete calculation have migrated for work), and those who waited just were dumbfounded. After all, nobody while obtaining a long-awaited salaries was wondering why the payment was only for one month, and there were four statements, and none of them spelled out nor the number, nor the month. Thanks for our government for the timely payment of pensions, although not big.enterprise, plant, glass factory Elderly rescued their overage children and grandchildren from starvation, but the debt for utility payments grow with each passing month. Only some workers remain in the workplaces and worked in the same mode (the production is continuous and requires constant monitoring), and on the same terms. Eighteen months later, started improvements, the company was split up into many small firms to obtain preferential loans for small business development. Salary was increased by 30%, slowly began to pay debts, and people began to talk with pride about their enterprise. arrears of wagesSoon previously fired workers, returned to their jobs, and everything seems to be good. Products were shipped by supersize trucks and rail wagons to all corners of our great country, and to the neighboring countries. Thanks to laborious work and diligence of some employees successfully completed the certification and standardization of the company on our own, without outside expertise. Peace and prosperity did not last long. Soon was adopted a draft of third furnace, began construction and everything would be nothing, but first furnace summed up us. In the basin of the furnace formed crack from which glass mass flowed like lava from the crater of the volcano. It was decided to freeze the furnace, which needs overhaul. The decision has sounded as a sentence. Three months, we have worked in debt, but still hoping for the best. Forecast of foreign experts on the second furnace led many to think, that it was time to run. Only one thing - there was no place where to run, the economic crisis has led to growth of unemployment. crisis, an empty purseAnd people continued to go to work with the faith in miracle, but once again the owner decided his problems quickly and at the expense of the workers, who for 10 years have devoted to their profession. Without exception, all were fired according to the Article 77 paragraph 1 - the termination of the employment contract by mutual consent (however, nobody asked the consent). The division head immediately announced that there will not be a reduction. And those who would insist on the reduction, will receive the calculation by one statement and without premium, and upon receipt of funds to the company. Premium part was 60% of the salaries plus three months of debt, so we get a pretty decent amount. Realizing the hopelessness of the whole situation, the workers have amicably signed the contracts and joined the ranks of the unemployed in the small town of N.

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    Jin - 30.12.2012, 10:29
    Economic crisis is a test who is more adapted for life.