What is writing a term paper?


Writing course or research work represents a solutionof the following tasks:

  1. The expansion of knowledge on the subject;
  2. Free Basic content of the theme, the interpretation of certain provisions in the defense of the course work; the development of creative thinking;
  3. A consistent, logical content of a written statement of the main theme, the ability to theoretically and practically justified thought.

It is also in the process of work on the topic and forming other important phenomena intelligent person - attitudes, beliefs, interests, etc. Prepared samples of student projects can get on the site.

What are the stages of implementation of release course work?

The main floorapami perform course work are the following:

  1. The choice of research topics and the approval of its scientific director;
  2. The identification and selection of literature (may be used as printed text and electronic resources), but only scientific texts or authors firsthand;
  3. The formation of the subject, object, cspruce and objectives of the study, the scientific concept of the theme, main ideas and be sure to harmonize this with the supervisor;
  4. The writing, printing and testing the scientific leader of the first version of the text of the course work with all the rules on registration of works;
  5. Revision of the text, taking into account the wishes of the supervisor;
  6. Prepare a report of the supervisor for course work;
  7. Protection of written work.

The choice of topics the student is usually carried out in September, and that of the topic and the supervisor, they are approved in October, when there is a meeting of the department. After this change the theme and scientific pukovoditelya occurs only in exceptional cases, the relevant order of the University.

The student discusses the topic with the course instructor is with the head of the work schedule and a list of literature on the chosen topic. The study of literature is necessary to start with the proceedings, in which problemsMa is considered as a whole, and then move on to the analysis of more specific studies, such as research papers. In carrying out the work the student must maintain contact with the supervisor, turning to him for advice as and when questions or complications.

The role of the supervisor in writing a term rabots

The role of the supervisor is to clarify the list of scientific literature is by Remove topic, discussing the choice of subject, object, goals and objectives of the study, formulating scientific concept of threads, the main ideas identified in the study, promoting creative research on the subject of research, and Geotovka to protect student course work.

Making the finished work, the student is first the first (draft) version of the manuscript and submit it to turn sections of the head. After verification, taking into account the comments and guidance, the author modifies and processes the manuscript. At the same time carefully edits the NAPisannoe again carefully checks all the citations and references to literary sources, validates the findings of names and initials.

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