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The article was written under the influence of meeting against the juvenile justice system in Russia, not so long ago held in Moscow. And the online community has stirred in the discussions. Some contend that the juvenile justice system is an absolute evil, and it must not be introduced in Russia at all in any case. juvenile justiceOthers wrote that at last the government will protect children from the tyranny of parents and guardians. From meeting and discussions, remained unambiguous impression - people do not know what is juvenile justice system. And it is clear, this branch of jurisprudence is one of the most complex and controversial. Let's see what is the juvenile justice system, and how ordinary people, who are unfamiliar with delicate matters of jurisprudence understand this term.
By describing in simple terms, the juvenile justice system is the section of jurisprudence, which deals with the study and application in practice of legal rules for minors starting from a family relationship, finishing the features of criminal process in their relationship.
juvenile justiceHowever, most of participants of the meeting as well, as the vast majority of the Internet community realized all in their own. Namely, so as they have been inspired by the organizers of the meeting. In their opinion, the juvenile justice system - is the activity of the bodies of trusteeship and system of relations between the government and the family on the western model. As a vivid example is shown the United States, where children sue to court on their parents for the fact that, they did not buy candy. This approach - nothing more than the manipulation of consciousness.
juvenile justiceThese are the facts. So in what condition in Russia is now juvenile justice? People hold meetings against the introduction of juvenile justice in Russia, although it has long been introduced, just differently is called and works not in the same way as in the West. Although, if to be honest - it does not work in Russia. The whole system of juvenile justice in Russia is tied to the activity of the guardianship authorities. juvenile justiceWe consider their work in more detail. Activities of these surveillance bodies for the welfare of children in the family are simply missing, even though this is one of their main tasks. And no one tells them to go from door to door, to show something, ask to enter. juvenile justice, the parents and the childBanal phone call would be enough to gather some information about the life of a child in the family. Talking with parents and conversation with the child by phone would give the minimum information with which they can work. That's the minimum. Now bodies of trusteeship do not know anything about the development of children in their controlled territories. And they will know about the sad state of children in disadvantaged families from law enforcement bodies, bodies of MOE, medical and other sources. But it's not their merit, because their role is passive. juvenile justice But they begin to work, when we are talking about the opposite direction of their activities - adoption of children without parental care. And everything because they can well cash in on the good people, who have a warm heart. The corruption component of the adoption process is enormous, and it's sad. Many couples lose heart  during the adoption process, when they have to face this corrupt bureaucratic machine.
juvenile justiceWhat conclusion should be done from this? The system of work of bodies of trusteeship in Russia should be radically reformed, and the problem has a very little attitude to juvenile justice. And the West has a lot to learn. A meeting was held in the interest of bureaucrats and corrupt officials, who felt that social reform can take away from them their dirty money.
It should be concluded. Juvenile justice or rather what is understood in Russia under this term - is good. And it's worth it, that a State develops this system.

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