Alcatraz Island

The island has several names: Helkatras, Rock, Alcatraz. There was a time when in this prison were more than 1,5 thousand prisoners with souls overflowing with rage and anger. AlcatrazDark past does not give rest to people who have ever been here. Now there are no more prisoners on the island, but the atmosphere here is suggestive. Many people believe that the souls of the prisoners still roam among this ruins.

More than a million tourists from all over the world annually visit Alcatraz Island, located in the San Francisco Bay. Boats that bring them there, are always full. Alcatraz IslandTourists can feel the atmosphere of a turbulent past, to understand how the prisoners had lived there. Visitors do not realize that behind these walls is hidden another world, inaccessible to human understanding. According to witnesses, the former prisoners of Alcatraz, the ghosts are living here.

Alcatraz prison Alcatraz was one of the most stringent federal prisons. Visiting detainees were strictly limited, also as walks in the yard. Most of the day prisoners were isolated behind the walls of cells. The prisoners were sent to the island not by decision of the court, but at the urging of other correctional officers, who could not cope with them .

Alcatraz prisonAccording to one of the prisoners, who spent 4 years on Alcatraz, you should not underestimate your neighbors to survive there. On this island nothing and never ends with usual fight. If you stepped on someone's foot, you could just be killed.

AlcatrazAt least 12 people were killed while trying to escape. 9 people were killed there. This is not surprising, if considering, that many of the inhabitants of the devil's island were one of the most famous criminals who entered the history of criminology. Legendary gangsters, like Al Capone.

Alcatraz San FranciscoComplete mystery of Alcatraz history began long before the appearance of the prison on the island. The local Indians believed that the island was inhabited by evil spirits. During the gold rush of the nineteenth century it was occupied by the United States Army. The Americans used the island to protect the port, where they kept the gold. They built a fort on the island, equipped with a prison. In 1909, much of the fortress was destroyed, and the modern prison was built on its place. The first floor became the foundation of the new building, and for more dark cells - located underground was found new use. Prisoners, chained to the walls or floor, spent there some days. Alcatraz IslandSuch punishment was quite effective. Over the old dungeons now are located their modern copies - cold, unlighted, dark chambers. Insulation has served cause of madness for many prisoners. But it was better to go crazy, than die from the hands of the mysterious, elusive murderer.

Alcatraz prisonMass media had no access there, also access to the Alcatraz island was closed for reporters and journalists. If any of the guards, who worked on the island, was caught in communicating with reporters, he was immediately fired. The island is surrounded by an aura of mystery. Everyone wanted to know what was going on there.

During the last century, it was impossible to escape from Alcatraz. But nows, its easy to escape from this terrible place - you only need to take a boat. But those who had to meet with local ghosts, will never be able to get rid of the influence of the island.

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