What is BPH?

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Today, BPH is found in almost every muzhchins. The disease has its own symptoms and the development process. Identify a urological disease in the early stages is almost impossible. Therefore, the majority of men live with it and are not aware of this problem. Unfortunately, when the symptoms show about yourself, the drugs can not be disinfected, then it requires surgical vmeshatelsTVO. For more details about the causes, symptoms and treatment of adenoma tell us Vladimir A. Kotov - urologist surgery clinic "Central Clinical Hospital of the Border Guard Service of Ukraine":.

What are the causes of BPH?

The causes of BPHs there:

  • Heredity;
  • man's belonging to a certain nationality.

Should we be afraid of this disease?

BPH in men is Prostate haratype crystal. Mostly it is in men 40 years of age. Sometimes the disease is detected earlier. This deviation is accompanied by the fact that male sexual performance violations, and often causes problems with urination.

What are the stages of the disease?

Generally, existingt three stages of prostate adenoma. Briefly about them:

The first stage . Accompanied by pain when urinating and his freedom. The size is significantly increased tissue in the prostate gland. Urine volume is significantly reduced. If you feel that you do notcan empty the bladder completely, and for this you need to strain your muscles - you know, that is the initial phase of BPH. By the way, this phase can last for years;

The second step . Symptoms have more pronounced. The main characteristics of this stage isare:

  • Frequent urging the residual urine in the bladder;
  • The intermittent urination;
  • Irritability;
  • Expansion of the upper paths;
  • The loss of elasticity of the muscles;
  • There is increasing the volume of residual urine;
  • Kidney dysfunction.

The third stage . This step is shown primarily in that the reduced function of the bladder. A man can not include selfoyatelno emptied and the bladder is full of urine. If at this stage does not take the necessary measures, the disease can lead to death.

What is the treatment of BPH?

The most effective is surgical treatment of BPH. Doctors conducting transactions at any stage habolevaniya.
This treatment includes:

  • There is a removal of BPH through a channel that has a urethra. Typically this operation is carried out in obesity;
  • In a section of the abdominal wall was removed by an enlarged prostate.

If you are trying totake care of their development or sexual life, it is recommended that:

  • Continuing to play sports and do physical exercises;
  • Have regular sexual partner and sexually active;
  • Follow a diet and dropextra weight;
  • Mainly eat fresh fruits and vegetables;
  • Be sure to regularly visit a urologist.


So, if you have a disease like prostate adenoma, it will never be discouraged, because the qualitativeth treatment and conduct a correct way of life, then you are bound to   will be able to live a full life.

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