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Probably, each of us has ever had to face in life and housing. Remember how precious time we spent, what would be found in the newspaper or that we are interested in the information. Whether you rent or to rent an apartment, buy or sell a house, land, take a profitable exchange.

agency&Laquo; Prime »

Real estate « » in Odessa, especially for its clients has developed a website where you can find any information you need. It developed the most convenient for the user. Just go to the site and explore all the offerson the purchase and sale of apartments, houses, dachas. In a short time, professional realtors will help you to remove or pass housing. If you are interested in one of the proposals that you require, just dial the phone number in one of the branches, depending on the area in the city.

The Company « Prime » It counts 16branches in the city. In every branch you will meet the friendly staff and the most to you personally for your time. Employees of companies with since 2009 have accumulated vast experience in real estate. In addition to the selection of housing or suburban area, managers will advise you on applying for a loan. You will be given tips and will help arrange a mortgage in bankske, which offers the most favorable terms.

When buying a home in the secondary market is very important check of the relevant documents confirming the ownership and history of the property. Also,   the company assumes the chore of preparing the documents of purchase - sale. Through experience   coikov and extensive base of real estate, you will save your time and will pick yourself exactly what you need.

The company branches « Prime » each customer, before to go to the property, show a photo of the real estate.   Agree, it facilitates the selection and significantly reduces the time and notditches client.

In addition to the real estate business, the company has a significant range of services, such as:

  • Analytics projects;
  • investment activity;
  • legal issues.

Real Estate School

For more than a year on the basis of the company successfully works « Real Estate School & raquo ;. This school prepares the professional staff. Training is conducted by the best employees, effective business coaches. Also, training is attended by international experts best European schools. The benefits of this training, students can immediately try outin practice. Given the large base of loyal customers, all who come to raise the professional level, there will always be work for practice.
Agency « Prime » It provides services not only to individuals in the primary and the secondary market, but also to legal individuals. Working with commercial real estate is the highestlevel of training.


To summarize the above,   Company « Prime » &Mdash; It is the right choice of real estate. Therefore, feel free to ask for help to the employees of the company and go to her website. And finally I want to add that, despite such a large amount of works, which takes the « Prime » on their shoulders, the prices are   quite democratic and accessible. Come and see one hundred percent   Reliability and availability of the company.

Remember, wrote a famous classic: « people as people, but all of them ruined the housing problem … & raquo ;. (PS   when   Bulgakov wrote his novel, Agencies « Prime » simply did not exist).

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