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For each of us family home - a kind of fortress. About iteven well-known proverb says. Here we are creating a corner of comfort, warmth and raise children here, relax and enjoy life. Only in the house, we feel safe in the midst of bad weather. Naturally, in such a situation we would like to be completely sure that our house is really made of quality materials, etc.ht manner and in compliance with all technical requirements. In particular, we are concerned about the state of the roof because the roof is obviously less strong fence, rather than a brick wall. Of course the quality of the roofing increased demands, because it assumes the first rains and snowfalls. If itis substandard collected carelessly without complying with the recommendations, the indoor waterfall is provided to you, and this is a phenomenon which threatens serious consequences for the entire interior.

Most often today as roofing slate or metal is used. That's pretty strong and large in sizeand materials, with the characteristic wavy shape, providing better heat precipitation and additional rigidity of the sheet. Nevertheless, the development of technology has allowed to establish and other roofing materials differ markedly in shape and structure, properties and method of installation. In this case, it will be about shingles. The fact that it is, we raceIvanov says AR - employee e-shop roof-art.com.ua, where you can from the best manufacturers: RoofShield, Kerabit, TEGOLA, GAF, KATEPAL, Owens Corning. < / span>

The structure of shingles

In contrast to the slate, sheet metal or ceramic traditionaloh tiles, shingles is a multi-component soft roofing materials. It is in the layering and are the main features and benefits of this type of tile. If we consider the structure of the layers of shingles, it can be divided into three main parts, each of which fulfills its function:

  1. Base . Used to leaf shingles basis performing reinforcing function. At the present stage as a base material used in the base cotton fiber web. Previously, this function was performed by cardboard or felt;
  2. Bitumen . By and large thislayer is not bitumen compound and on its base, which includes several components. This compound acts as a Gidrobarer or isolation. Asphalt shingles to get oil from the first grade through the gradual oxidation. This procedure resulted in the bitumen destroys all volatile impurities. From the chemical viewpoint, thus creatingthe effect of premature aging, which slows down all external contacts bitumen atmosphere. This method is quite laborious and expensive, which is naturally reflected in the final price. There is also another approach which is used to stabilize the bitumen modifiers based polymer polypropylene (APP) and styrene (CCC). This gives herepitse additional strength and elasticity;
  3. Sprinkling . The outer layer of tiles which is performed in a rock on the surface scatterings. Sprinkling performs two functions: decorative (forms the exterior) and protective (compound protects from ultraviolet radiation, damaging gidrobarer).

Laying shingles

In view of properties and dimensions sheets shingles, its installation and training surfaces are special requirements. Firstly, in contrast to the laying of slate or metal, crate under the bitumen should be solid and smooth (preferably from OSB boards). As in the case of the AUCabove-bound forms of the roof on the crate stacked layer lining (additional Gidrobarer), and already it itself shingles. Placement is made horizontally. As the fasteners used nails. Each subsequent layer is laid in compliance with the horizontal orientation and chess offset from the lower layer. This allowshide the joints and fasteners.


Shingles is even more expensive, but better quality and durable material. It retains heat well, is resistant to wind, provides excellent sound insulation, in addition, provides a minimum of waste during installation.

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