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In view of the protracted economic crisis in our country, which,as it sometimes seems, did not stop from the time of independence, as well as the real war in the east, which has been drawn state, rely on the stability of the domestic labor market is not necessary. There are no mass layoffs, which had predicted, but the situation with wages and prices more than depressing. Naturally, any normalthe first person in this situation would be to think about, and do not change any place of work or occupation more profitable. The problem of our country is that there is practically no choice, and since much want to see your work appreciated more worthy (financially of course), you must remove your gaze to the richer European labor markets.

A good specialist will be in demand wherever it is needed. But given the bitter experience "zarobitchanstva" our fellow citizens, which began from the time of independence, and   still ongoing - it is not so simple and smooth in old Europe. Until recently, most of those who tortured happinessEurope did so illegally, hiding from the migration service, and all the dirty and hard work for several years without seeing the family. The fact that it is actually powerless position in which anyone can not prove anything, and as such rights can not have, few people thought. Today, the labor market has become more civilized, and to issue its trudousttron devices abroad can be quite simple, with the corresponding permits and an invitation from the employer.

Where to demand our countrymen

From the search for work abroad, you need to at least an estimated navigate in the industries most in need of our specialists, what Dr.zmery remuneration and geography offers. It is no secret that more than half of all job seekers in Ukraine arranged in Russia. There are several reasons: it is the lack of linguistic and cultural barriers, the lack of visas, etc. But given the events of the last year, this destination for Ukrainians is not that is not available, and extremely nedruzheLjubno. If we talk about Europe, most of our compatriots are in the neighboring Czech Republic and Poland, or more distant, but tested Portugal, Spain and Italy. If we talk about professional differentiation, the most demanding of our hands agriculture, construction light industry, service sector.

How to Findand work

search in neighboring countries can be carried out in one of two ways: on their own (the Internet, for example, on the website) or through recruitment agencies. The difference in these two approaches, it seems to us, is clear: an independent job search and self shtudirovanie suggests labor markets, as well asformlenie all necessary documents. This course will help you to save a certain amount to intermediaries and to expand the possible range of jobs, but it also take away a lot of time and effort. Working with the agencies will significantly save time searching and registration of all securities. Moreover, most foreign companies are not configured to work with one or two Dr.workers, and recruit a team immediately. Naturally, in this case, will have to pay agency services.


In any case, the legal, formal employment will help you count not only on a decent income, but also to comply with your rights in another country. Naturally, in order to get baas problems have pretty explore the market in order to avoid unpleasant moments in the future.

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