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Everyone, in varying degrees, a fan and an active member of the gameplay. And the EUWhether adult game is a kind of way of relaxation, distraction from the main activity, the children - is the main occupation, which contributes to the general and sector-specific development.

One of the most popular games among both adults and children, a folding puzzles. It is logicalSky puzzle that envisages the creation of a coherent picture (literally) of the individual fragments that differ in shape.

Folding puzzles is one of the most important stages in the development of the child's personality, his intelligence, spatial, imaginative, logical thinking, and thatkzhe attention and perception of cause and hereditary ties. In addition, given basically a small overall size and configuration of the fragments, folding puzzles positive effect on the formation and development of fine motor skills. Today not even need to buy a puzzle, you can add and on-line, for example, nand website.

Most of the existing puzzles can be classified according to two main criteria:

  • fragment size;
  • total size of the picture.

In characteristicpuzzles plays an important role, such a criterion, as the complexity of the puzzle. In general, it is of course determined by the number of pieces (the more, the puzzle harder), but if we consider the puzzle with the same number of fragments, there is a key role to play complexity of the final figure.

In addition, there is also a classroom classification principle, which however, is also based on the number of elements. In this case, the puzzle is isolated oriented at children (usually the number of fragments in which not more than 260), and a puzzle for adults (from 260 to 500 or morefragments).

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