Love in the big city

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Love in the big city

How all the same Russian directors of different movies or music videos, or even just advertisements yet like to shoot on American patterns! The film, directed by Marius Weisberg is excellent confirmation of this.
It can not be said that the movie is bad from the beginning to the end. This is a light comedy, suitable for viewing after tired working week, school or during illness, lying on the couch. After the endless stream of screen shooters and exploding cars, viewer just need unpretentious comedy with a hint of erotic.
Sex and the CityThe similarity with the film "Sex and the City," just in the men's version is not accidental: in two cases, the film takes place in New York City, the heroes of both films are obsessed with sex. The comedy emphasis of the film Love in the big city is made on men's "failure" - for the Russian audience this fact remains too ridiculous and become the reason for the frequent jokes.
Love in the big city, Chadov, Haapasalo, ZelenskyThree friends: a married Chadov working a guide on tour buses, s loven of Finnish descent with a beer belly - Haapasalo and a small dentist with big ambitions - Zelensky, spend most of their time on the seduction of girls. Once again, gathered together in a nightclub, they lead the conversation, the owner of this place, Love in the big city, Philip KirkorovPhilip Kirkorov himself, somehow meaningfully looked at this trio during the pronunciation of his speech. The next day this men find out that they can not have sex until they will fall in love for real. And the same Kirkorov was blame for everything, he who turned out the saint Valentine - "guardian angel" for loving couples. Strangely enough, that such a famous pop singer, who singing about love, in the film appeared with a brutal bristles and short cropped head, not really fit the image of this saint.
Love in the big city, Olesya ZheleznyakIn general, the cast member was so media, that for the skill and virtuosity of acting, it can be said, were responsible only Olesya Zheleznyak and Alika Smekhova, who played supporting roles in the movie. Zheleznyak appeared in a familiar for herself role of the very educated, ordinary nerd with funny, but touching gestures and replicas. Who genuinely has pleased in this film - this is perfect Smekhova, who was so convincing in the role of Ukrainian-Jewish emigrant with a stunningly believable accent, that we believe her unconditionally.
Love in the big city, Lisa ArzamasovaI want to note yet young actress - Lisa Arzamasova, who is known to us by sitcom "Daddy's Girls", she added to the film comedy notes and did not concede by skills her adult counterparts. The role of smart precocious girl with unsmiling face uniquely suits her. Also an actress - Khodchenkova significantly creates an image of serious young lady-doctor,Love in the big city, Khodchenkova its not clear how such a strong lady can be sexologist, even more, with a Russian origin.
It was impossible to make a movie bad for the simple reason - that the New York city was its background, which, in its turn, can't be shot from the wrong angle. Love in the big city, director WeisbergThe only thing that the director Weisberg did not foreseen - is that Russian audience no more worship to everything, what was made in USA, as it was during the ninetieth of the last century, when the first McDonald's opened in Russia. From that time an attitude of Russians to the USA, became considerably worse.
Love in the big city, BrezhnevaIncidentally, the film is about the years when Chadov leads his cinematic wife Brezhneva to McDonalds, and they are sitting at the table, remember my poor student life, beer "Baltika" and the group "Malchishnik." But this scene is not convincing, as the glamorous image of today's secular Chadov is not related with the student hostel and the songs of ordinary guys on the yard benches.
Love in the big cityIn general, the film is quite mediocre and too much like a bad American comedy with predictable words of characters, who are trying to find the fine line between physical love and spiritual closeness. But thecrowd of fans of famous actors, who played in this film, will surely like the Love in the big city. The film is also worth seeing, if you're not going to learn something new and instructive, but only one more time to look on sexual Vera Brezhneva in her new role of wife.

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