Flying on the bullet MiG-29


The elements of aerobatics on the MiG-29

In Soviet times, has been available exclusively for military fighter pilots. Today, the opportunity to go on a flight in the stratosphere can an ordinary person having a certain amount of money, and although fully experience the helm does not work, take part in the management of aircraftunder the direction and supervision of the pilot can be.

MiG-29 is a high-tech, streamlined jet, super-fast fighter, which is one of the fastest aircraft of Russian Air Force. The MiG-29 was originally conceived by the engineers was to maintain the aircraftMelee, equipped with two jet engines. The aircraft has excellent aerodynamics, visibility from the cab.

As part of the flight on a fighter buyer gets the opportunity to enjoy the services of aerobatics – from simple to complex. Thus, each client company « Turiz CountryMa » may be close enough to enjoy the aerobatics.

Perform stunts:

  • « Barrel & raquo ;;
  • Bends;
  • « Bell & raquo ;;
  • « Knife & raquo ;;
  • « dead loop Nesterov & raquo ;;
  • The inverted flight.

The final stage of the tourism program – flight over the surface of the runway at an altitude of 20 meters. The last chord is excellent and with this incredibly entertaining moment in the life of a passenger fighters and spectators are on the ground.

Company « Country Tourism » offers two flight MiG-29, the differences between them lie in the length of stay of the machine in the air. Thus, the first program has a length of the flight is 25 minutes, and second – 45.

Full etc.Call duration of the program lasts about 3-4 hours, during which the buyer will take flight mandatory medical examination, instruction, acquainted with the rules of conduct in the airplane instruments, to communicate with the pilot. It is interesting to know that the intensity of the flight can be selected individually, based on the age of the person isXia passenger. For example, flights are possible for elderly people.

Before the flight, the customer service talk about treatment with an oxygen mask, practice putting its relatively-suit. After the training, which is given about a half hour, passengers will be transferred to the take-offon the landing strip, which will be narrated information on structural components of the aircraft.

After making a certain altitude fighter pilot will demonstrate complex aerobatics - a series of complex maneuvers. During the flight, the positive and memorable emotions get the flight and the buyer, and the audience!

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