Reasons vizyvayuschie numb toes

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The numbness of the toes - this is the end result of a kotorum cause various diseases that directly affect the nerves or blood vessels that bring blood soles. This phenomenon, in some cases can be quite harmless, and does not carry any harm, but only short-term discomfort after a compressed nerve. And when you change the position of the body, these feelings aboutydut completely. But there are also cases when the coldness, burning, contraction of the toes do not pass or, as often repeated, and the end result you are already difficult to distinguish hot water from cold – this is a signal to forget the anxiety and seek medical advice. After a quite harmless phenomenon can pull behind a heavy oninvestigation. Next, consider the basic:

  • The disease of the lumbar – low back pain, spinal column. About ninety percent of it is this reason affects numb toes;
  • Arthritis, neuritis, mini-strokes, and other diseases;
  • Oncology peripheral nerves and spinal cord;
  • multiple sclerosis, which affects the peripheral and central nervous system;
  • Tuberculosis of the spine;
  • spastic reactions is small arteries, which occurs due toabnormalities of the nervous regulation of their activities – Raynaud's disease;
  • Hormonal and metabolic disorders, diabetes mellitus;
  • If by displacement of the nerve trunk;
  • Frostbite.

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