What is a simultaneous interpreter


If you're a very good translator, well you know the language, it does not mean, hthen you can be a simultaneous interpreter. - Is the highest level of professionalism, requires individuals to certain psychological traits.

Often, listening to speeches at international conferences, symposia, etc., We hear that the translators who translate synchronously changed approximately every 20 minutesut. It is not surprising, in fact, interpretation requires the interpreter costs a lot of physical strength and energy. It is necessary to simultaneously listen to the speaker, and then translate the report. &Nbsp;

In simultaneous interpreter lightning speed of thought and language skills unmatched, erudition and very strong andstrong nervous system.   On how well the transfer is dependent on many things: the success of negotiations, and the relationship and understanding between nations, any, even a small mistake can cost translator reputation that restore, oh, is not just.

Become a simultaneous possible only in two cases,or is it given to you at birth, due to the potential of your abilities and capabilities, or it can be done a long and hard work and teaching. In simultaneous interpretation has its own peculiarities, and as usual, strengths and weaknesses.

To the strong we assign:

  • speech speaker starteaches continuously, thereby reducing the time, not separately have to listen for the word translator and presenter can control the mood of the audience;
  • translation is sometimes carried out in several languages ??at the same time.

Well, the weakness is:

  • valuesimultaneous translation at times higher than normal, since this includes salary to the interpreter, which is higher than that of conventional translators, and the cost of special equipment that you want to rent;
  • it is necessary to employ several interpreters, as one cope with the task very is very difficult, though shakenechayutsya such professionals who can guide interpretation whole day;
  • with simultaneous translation     lost the perception of all the information and it is possible that many people simply are not deposited in the memory.

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