Earthen augers "Iron Mole C-7"


It goes without saying that the physical work — it is a necessary attribute for the peopleovecheskoy   life, which, in fact, kept all our existence. Is not excluded by the fact that sometimes he brings not only sweet fruit, but also bitter roots (takes a lot of effort, energy and health). So now there are many ways and methods to improve and facilitate the physical labor.

For example, the immense popularity already amass excavation   augers — special technical device that makes it easy and simple to carry out excavation work. In addition, it is often used for winter fishing, the management of the economy as well as in the construction industry. Where is get such a device?

Site will help you choose really high-quality and reliable augers. Here you will not only find a huge variety of such devices, but also to get acquainted with the features and benefits of each of them.

One of the most popular and powerful augers is « Iron Mole C-7 ». With the help of this device you will not be afraid of any heavy loam or wet clay. Indeed, thanks to the powerful engine of the augers, you can work in any environment.

One of the most important advantages of « Iron Mole C-7 » are:

  1. concave down the handle device and resistant welded frame;
  2. Pre-belt drive (to ease the load on the gearbox);
  3. convenient and simple design of the device;
  4. strong and high-quality four-stroke engines.

augers can be easily used in the country economy, to implement the technical and research work in private households and many different working areas.

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