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We are all very well loved inkusny skewer. What is the main key to the success of this dish? This, of course, good quality meat and cooking. The process of cooking meat, as well as hunting does not tolerate women's hands.

And when it comes to such issues always come to mind images from the beloved film « Peculiarities of National Hunting » Where detail demonstrate the mood and subtlety of this complex craft. But life is not so much fun and really - this activity is accompanied by great risk, and it must be carefully prepared.

Preparing for the hunt:

  1. If you still gathered at this difficult etc.ate, it all starts with the selection of weapons. Then you need to decide on what kind of prey you hunt, and this repelled when choosing weapons. When buying a gun for hunting should pay attention to such features: the trunk, strips him, chamber, and be sure to check out the weapons sleeve, as well as the factory stamps;
  2. Then, select and develop tactics for hunting;
  3. It is necessary to take into account the terrain, to provide themselves with shoes and clothing for hunting and ammunition.

The thermal sight

And if you hunt for you is not just entertainment and recreationalyou do it seriously, then there can not do without a thermal sight. It is set on hunting weapons, which ensures the accuracy of the shot. Such a device operates on the principle of emission of infrared rays that can detect an object of hunting, regardless of time of day and weather conditions, as well as highlight the beast on any terrain, buds the set of trees or dense grass.

The thermal sight stands out practicality and is an indispensable tool for the professional hunter. When buying a thermal sight need to focus not only on price, because such a thing is not cheap, but also take into account the objectives of its use. But eco-Mit this is not necessary as in this case, the economy is not the best option, it is possible to lose in functions.

In a successful hunting sight pays off with a vengeance. Buying sight, special attention should be paid to how such a device will work independently, using a standard power supply. You should also take into account what kind of huntingyou prefer. If you often hunt for wild animals, it is necessary to buy a scope with a high zoom as it ensures your safety. The most well established in the market : XD38, XD50 and XD75 from PULSAR.

Such sights are waterproof and their robot is not affected by weather conditions and temperature changes. Work sight designed for several hours of battery life that much important for a successful hunt. Thanks to new technologies that are used in these scopes can detect objects, despite the heavy fogand dense foliage, as well as the display we see a clear image, which allows to deliver aimed fire.

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