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Irregular verbs in English

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Every nation has its own characteristics, and manythey manifest it in the language. In recent years it has become fashionable to study the Old Russian language, and how do we get knowledge about how our ancestors spoke. And yet, the Russian language we use all their lives, and some further study. Today we will talk about the English language, to be exact – its verb izvesapparent to the whole world, as the most notable exception to the rule. At school, the lessons of the English language, many were forced to teach table of irregular verbs, which, incidentally, is not so little. Perhaps because many of them, or because they had to cram, or simply because they are called wrong, these words and received such wideOkoye use and popularity among Britons language learners.

Many centuries ago, the territory of modern England came new European trends, in the form of grammar, but rather the rules that have been mending all the words, the existing ones, and even verbs. The indigenous population of the island resisted these rightsIlam, not wanting to lock your language jail rules. Of course, there were attempts to tame the national character, and rules for verbs were published. But the common people how to speak their dialect invented, and went on to do it, ignoring the cries of scientists.

It is therefore wrong ChAgolli English got their name – they do not obey the rules, and, moreover, considered to be the oldest among the first words that make up this interesting, easy to learning the language. There is nothing complicated to learn irregular verbs table, most importantly – understand that these words are no rules that heand are pronounced exactly as it was convenient to the ancient Britons. &Nbsp; to learn foreign languages, it is always interesting to know the history of its origin, since it is not just interesting but also adds to the variety of training. Building on the outlook, the person becomes not only an interesting conversationalist, but also a wonderful friend with whom never usedyvaet boring. Any foreign language deserves to be studied, and even more – english. From childhood until graduation is this « adverb » We are trying to train teachers, and they get it. Even the most avid Losers remembers a few irregular verbs to show myself thathe, too, is something that can in this life.

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