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< p style = "text-align: left;"> The life of man, in almost any historical epoch somehow depended on the fact thatsay about him around. These prejudices are today, affecting people's lives even more than in the Dark Ages. The urgency of this issue today is due to the fact that we are all at a glance, using a variety of means of communication, and in particular the Internet. That is why the desire and the desire to look perfect itemalo one of the main obsessions of the modern world.

The key point in this process is to find a desired snow-white Hollywood smile. Unfortunately, the way of life that we are quite detrimental to the state of our teeth. At best a man can get rid of tooth decay and tiredovlennoy thereby filling, but rather are often cases when a person at all remains of the tooth (or teeth). To eliminate such a defect acquired by traditional methods, clearly have to partially destroy the surface layer of the adjacent teeth, and some have to be removed. Radically different approachoffered during the procedure of dental implants.

The implantation is a surgical procedure which resulted in the jaw bone in place of the lost tooth is implanted artificial analogue its root. By the way, with the use of high-quality dental volumetric tomography can be done in a clinic Doctorora Gutshe. Typically the implant has the shape of a screw with a special shaft, which later on (after successful engraftment) bit is set. The implant is made of titanium alloy, which blends perfectly with the bone tissue without causing rejection process. Using implantation can eliminate missing tooth is not Difficultagivaya neighbors.

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