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The human figure is not always perfect, and make it so can any woman.The secret is very simple – properly chosen clothes, can do wonders: show all strengths and hide weaknesses, show individuality and self-expression. Skills beautiful and fashionable dress each girl is given at birth, but the aesthetics of refined taste grinds fashion. After all, designers and fashion industry develop our understanding of the edgecell color harmony. And not for nothing, say fashion – it's not rocket science, and master it, is not something that can, and should, each of the fair sex. But as we know, fashion « woman » very capricious, and with the scientific and technical control of the development, it is also very changeable.

In the Middle Ages, women regive your wardrobe a legacy, cut and style of dress was fashionable for centuries. You can imagine that today? I honestly do not. It's already our children believe their parents « backward » and old-fashioned. Fashion changes, almost no seasonal, although in fairness, it should be noted that modern designer Cherpquire their ideas by studying the history of costume and fashion trends of previous years. And it is not rare to see older women young girls dresses that were fashionable in the days of their youth. Speaking of retro style, it remains in a trend. &Nbsp; And that offers this season the fashion industry, a closer look to keep up with the « advanced » moyouth? This is what we tell Ivanov AP - editor online fashion store.

Season 2015

Season 2015 back in the 70s. They went into the history of his eclecticism, that is, the original and « zaezhzhenym » a combination of styles and colors of clothing. And this seasondesigners interpret and breathed in those 70 new life and vision. Stand on the podium dress to the floor, deep cuts, free and easy style, and memorable than 70 years. 70 left on their clothes Normcore direction, and modern designers have decided to apply this trend in the current fashion. To put it simply, the Normcore – the clothes do not stand out from the crowd, thus symbolizing and focusing on the allocation of the individual.

This season will be fashionable these colors: blue, all deep shades and color of positivity and joy – yellow. That is, these two colors occupy the leading position, but do not forget about the other colors, as fashionand about their democratic.   But it is worth mentioning the relevance of a combination of bright colors with dull and other extravagant combinations, using all the same eclectic approach. &Nbsp; &Nbsp;

Also in 2015 highlights the fashionable materials. Very popular in the season this year – suede, which is usedI have not only the top clothes and jumpsuits and that is very unusual, as well as dresses. And, of course, jeans, do not lose their relevance for several consecutive seasons.

And finally, let's talk about the details. After all, they always create a complete view of our way, and the most memorable. This season highlights:

  • cutouts coming off a very beautiful female body particles at the waist;
  • fringe, otlunie 70s;
  • clothes with bare shoulders. And not just open, but represents an opportunity to learn human anatomy;
  • feathers, coupled with the favorite style of clothing that creates an image of the fabulous Firebird and breath some weightlessness;
  • Net, opens all the naughty place of women, and to more modest – with pads, but hints at the silhouette.

As for footwear and accessoriess, then there is need to allocate sandals – gladiators from the time of ancient Greece and accessories with a portion kreativchik.

We wish you all the inspiration in the selection and preparation of its fashionable clothes, and most importantly find their « & raquo ;, highlight highlights your uniqueness.

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