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Today in the country a lot of all kinds of machinery, cars and trucks orabundance, and heavy-duty vehicles that are often on the road or at home break. But fortunately mankind has invented this technique as a tow truck. Tow truck designed for loading and dragging various types of equipment. They are used when violated parking regulations, the accident occurred. Or just happened to crash on the road. Services evakuatora, now is an integral part in the life of drivers. Any car and its owner at least once in their lives used the services of a tow truck.

Tow provides services such as:

  • Vehicle recovery from any point;
  • Evacuation automoBiley after an accident;
  • The evacuation of the vehicle with the paddle and using rigid coupling;
  • Transportation of equipment weighing 20 tons.

In order to evacuate the vehicle, or any other technique should be trusted only to trusted companies and their Filiallamas.
Of course, now no one will stop at broken car and tow trucks also do not just drive around the city. Only saves us something that we live in the age of technology and mobile communications. In case of breakage, you can simply dial a number and call a tow truck at his place of adventure, but if you do not have business cards, just put my good comradearischa and simply to have a room directly from the Internet.

There are some drivers who just spare the money to call a tow truck and ask for passing motorists to hold out until the first service, but remember - if your car is properly evacuated, the probability of an even more terrible damage will grow with eachfirst second.

To order a tow truck you just need to tell the operator:

  • Mark and the approximate weight of the car;
  • Serviceability steering;
  • Contact information;
  • Location;
  • Damage to your car.

Use the services of a tow truck safely and securely for your equipment.

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