What is a label?

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Everyone has long known that beautiful and bright labels - it myselffirst shortest path to the heart of the buyer. Walking through the store, we see and take (it is no secret to herself) into our bag that looks best, glitters and sparkles. And what is the taste or color - is not known. And in most cases, it turns out that we pay for goods and beautifully designed for the label. In short - this is what makes buy the product impresrvye, and everything else depends on the product itself. Label, with an unusual design and bright colors, allows the product to be recognizable and unique. Companies that produce labels, have a wide range of products:

  • labels for retail chains, hypermarkets;
  • food;
  • perfumes and household products;
  • Wine and beverage industry.

Stickers can be used for any product. Self-adhesive label also has a number of advantages. Here are some of them:

  1. If there is condensation on the product, the label will not soak and peel;
  2. With a uniform application of the adhesive label clings on the packaging or on the product, not bulged and wrinkles;
  3. It is not overwritten at any transportation and savean attractive and beautiful views.

Print stickers happening on the most modern equipment. Materials used for printing only on quality manufacturers. Term of production - about 10 days, depending on the order volume. Wholesale buyers discounts. Packing and shipping the Freeatnaya. Experienced companies are constantly improving their processes, updating equipment and learn all the rules of the printing industry. All this takes place in order to ensure that our customers are satisfied with the manufacture of products.

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