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It is believed that the period of study in higher education is the most striking, colorful, unforgettable period in my life lyubogo human (of course, only in the case when it has passed through it). Students - a new experience, new knowledge, friends, acquaintances and many other things that you remember for the rest of life. But it is not a pleasure, as they say, are rich in his student years, because their main purpose - higher education, obtaining a professionand trips to real adulthood. It is five years, which are filled with completely new knowledge and skills, radically different approach to the educational process. This means that the university no longer served much more information is given on the order more attention to its self-handling and preparation, and of course, there Yings methods of assessing knowledge and subject preparation:

  • control;
  • course;
  • theses;
  • tests;
  • state examinations;
  • and so on. N.

In most cases, the biggest stumbling block for most students become periodic and annual progress reports - term and intermediate control projects. For their implementation should be collected in a fist all this knowledge, to master subject and additional scientific reference Liteture, and on the basis of all this, perform the necessary calculations. Help you in this site can "I want to pass!":. Here you will find all the necessary information to prepare for the task, as well as ready-made samples of work in different fields.

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