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According to statistics, there are now a lot of couples who find it difficult to have a baby. How to beat the solutions created IVF program: - this itemROGRAMME that in many European countries and Ukraine successfully applied in practice, has become a real solution for parents who are planning a child. Carry out treatment in a private clinic can either try to be fertilized by free.

to use the first option is sufficient to choose a wedgeICU at its discretion, and be examined by a specialist. In another case, to be free in vitro fertilization in the future parents must have health insurance. Moreover women (male infertility is not a main reason to have the opportunity to participate in the program) should be responsible for some of the indicatorstheir health and have no contraindications.

Only after receiving a positive decision, parents must apply to the Health Committee to obtain permission to participate in the IVF program, which is paid by the state, but the procedure can be protracted expectations.

IVF program includes the following stages:

    Ovarian Stimulation of different drugs when ripen simultaneously to ten ovaries at the same time;
  • follicle puncture for oocyte;
  • In vitro fertilization is done;
  • Growinge embryos and transferred to the woman's uterus;
  • The observations in the clinic until the pregnancy will proceed.

After a course of treatment would hope for a great result, but as practice shows the effectiveness of IVF program is not more than 55%.

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