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The first social network of wedding and wedding portalNews Wedding running across Ukraine is not an exception and of course those holidays that are celebrated in the capital. has a special charm, as it is an ancient city with its own history traditions and customs. But at the same time, as this is a very large city in it there is a lot of competition. Of course it is good, a lot of competition generates reduceds prices and increase the quality of services, but the extent of the large number of applicants have to spend a lot of time searching for precisely the specialists whose work you enjoy.

Wedding News Wedding portal developed for future newlyweds are special services that help accelerate the process nPreparing budgets and significantly reduce but such a beautiful celebration. What are these services?

Portal Services News Wedding

  1. Wedding Calculator . This feature will allow you to calculate your budget so that would not one extrapenny has been spent in vain. To use the calculator is very simple, we have already prepared a list of services to which the couple spend their money, you just enter the amount that you are willing to spend on a given service, and the system will retain and podobet result.
  2. search service on the budget . Let's say in a wedding calculator on the services you are willing to spend $ 200 Once you have entered the bag in this calculator, you will see the search function on the set of the Executive Budget. You fill out the form with the price and the requirements to the applicant, and the wedding itself 1 portal send your proposal first in the midst of the system and then to the post Suneat this specialty users, in this case photographers.
  3. Mail . To clarify all the details of the future newlyweds are two ways, a direct call to the phone, as well as correspondence between future newlyweds and wedding professionals that is implemented on the site.

Without a doubt, not only in Kiev but also in the world, preparing for the wedding takes a lot of time and effort. On this team News Wedding, for that would save energy and nerves to the future bride and groom and create a wonderful wedding portal Kiev and the first socialth Network News Wedding.

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