Stylistic approach to the design of wedding dresses


In the life of every man (well, at leastcase - for most practical), sooner or later there comes a time when he meets his soul mate and naturally wants to live with her long and happy life. Consequently, under the law, as well as the traditions of these two people are required to tie the knot. Each of the peoples of the world has its own special tradition of holdingI like this celebration, however, almost all of them a lot of attention and importance is given to the bride's attire, ie wedding dress. By the way, in Moscow to buy at the best price possible on the website of "vamp":

Most of the peoples of the world at the expense of the wedding dresses were their views and traditionstional approaches to making and decorating, in particular, use a rich, colorful fabrics, furs, jewelry and decorative and so on. n. In the modern world, in spite of a great variety of types of cut dresses for brides, most of them have one common root - namely white.

From the point of speniya history this is a relatively new tradition, first used in practice in the 19th century by Queen Victoria. And from the point of view of modern marketing - it was one of the most successful moves, because the majority of its loyalists began to imitate their overlord. In modern wedding fashion portrayed two major stylistic approach framedNIJ dresses:

  • classic, which is characterized by a strict style, the minimum number of ornaments on the dress, white color scheme;
  • romantic, full of the amount and types of jewelry (fabrics, embroidery, lace, flowers and so on. N.) Overlying style, Deep neckline, and the use of expensive colored textured fabrics.

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