Designing ventilation

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The air in the life of every person plays a vitalYu role. Without it functioning of all body systems. Of course, plenty of outdoor air, but indoors it can be too small, due to the fact that the laws of aerodynamics insufficient for normal (sufficient) ventilation. Consequently, a person does not receive the necessary amount of fresh air,and his body and especially the brain is not working at full capacity.

In order to organize a permanent air from time to time is not enough to slightly open the window to let in some fresh air. To do this, you must design and install a complete system of supply and exhaust valvetion. - A process that will create a system that does not depend on weather conditions and will act in exactly with the needs and desires of the owners of the premises.

The main thing that should be clearly understood before you decide to take this step - is the need to engage in the development of an experienced speventilyatsionschika-healthcare professional with appropriate training and sufficient experience in conducting similar design and installation works.

This way you can avoid the catastrophic mistakes, which in the future may lead to malfunction of the system or its premature failure. In addition, executeds full project of the ventilation system, will not only make full use of hardware capabilities, but also to lay some fairly useful functions, such as cleaning, humidification, heating or cooling.

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