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Throughout its history people constantly neck ofsnyayut relationship with each other, using different types of weapons. Naturally, with the development of mankind, weapons have evolved in parallel, achieving ever greater efficiency (ie, lethal force), and the accuracy of the application.

In the modern world, the role played by high-tech, yet private weapons usedto carry out their professional duties, or the same as the tool leisure activities (eg, hunting). This weapon is called small, and the most accurate of them is the rifle. It is, moreover, traditional weapons since its inception until today.

Rifles in the traditional form today Mr.he most often used as the main instrument of hunters (in civilian life), and as the main battle each sniper. And in fact, in both cases, to improve the accuracy of the shot, especially over long distances, the rifle can and must be equipped with a telescopic sight.


Sight -an optical device for monitoring and targeting (which is used specifically applied to the glass dimensional grid). In the domestic market particularly popular earned an international corporation Yukon, which brings together companies in Lithuania, Belarus, Russia, the UK and China. In the list of its products listed sights (including nightvision), thermal imagers, binoculars, range finders, and so on. d. That is a specialized optics used, as in the military and civilian life.

One of the most interesting sights of the company is Jaeger 1.5-6x42. It's actually all-weather sights, has excellent resistance to water, even in direct immersionwater. In sight also provides protection against fogging front and rear lenses. Use this optical device can for large caliber weapons (both rifled and smooth-bore), as well as air rifles spring-piston type.

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