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Psychology of Money

From childhood everyone starts to understand that money has enormous power. Almost all children heard following words: "We can not buy this for you"  . And realize that the money Psychology of Moneyare necessary, as always you want to buy something. And as you grow older - appear more and more needs. Toys paled into insignificance, and clothing, entertainment - to the forefront . But even necessary things, such as toothpaste costs money. And when a person crosses the threshold of his parents' house, he knows that: success in school and good behavior not always will help to make his life better. And basically do not influence at all. But the power of money is felt by everyone, because some of them have a lot of money, and the majority of people have little money. Maybe that's why everyone who wants to get rich learn how to earn such amount of money to pay them no attention at all. 

Psychology of MoneyFor this purpose psychologists have developed such direction as the psychology of money, whose mission is to learn how money affects human behavior, the decisions he takes. Many do not believe that this man's actions is easy to predict, at least, in most cases.

Interesting to know that its characteristic for a man to resist monetary reforms, with increased frequency of conversations about money appears the desire to be individual, begins to dominate their own opinion, brain activity increases when reading words that mean success.

Psychology of MoneyPerhaps for this reason, people who need more money, just say that they will help families, poor, needy, but when they got money, all thoughts of charity are regarded as nonsense. Studies have confirmed that as more a person takes care of the financial situation, as less he cares about social problems. But those people have much less happiness.

Psychology of MoneyNo wonder that people who became rich, diligently repeat that in the first place in their life was a dream, and then wealth. And those who want to take their place, look at life in the opposite angle.

There are a commonly accepted statements that were simply invented, but they have quite strongly impact on the thinking:

• Money is a freedom. But in fact it turns out that you have to work long and hard for your own freedom, and greed, fear, fear of loss of amassed money are the killers of time, effort and energy.

• If I had been born in a wealthy family, that i would have lived without thinking about anything. But it turns out that no amount of money can replace attention, love and affection for your child. They need not parents, who are always trying to increase their belongings, they need father and mother, who will spend time with them. Therefore, life of such families is full of tragedies, except very rare cases. Parents are trying to see in their children those abilities, which nature does not give their. And they grow up such people, who can not live without luxuries, and with difficulty find friends for themselves.

• I will marry a rich man who will solve all the problems. Go into a marriage with a mountain of problems is a stupid decision, which will complicate the relationships. If you was picked up by anyone, you will never get the expected title. He will treat negligently to you, and a sense of duty will not allow you to live happily.

Психология денегIn the pursuit of money, we often forget that happiness is not in them. Psychology of Money says: if the lack of a million dollars makes you unhappy today, if you will got it, this will change nothing. But looking at people living in prosperity, everyone wants to check these words personally. But is it worth to live such a life? Perhaps by your thoughts and actions, you will create a much better fate?

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