What is cleaning the air conditioner


Air Conditioning - is a special equipment which requires a careful earoh yeah. If you do not take care of him, he could break. Will begin to show their dissatisfaction with the PA differently. First starts to drip water, or noise is heard, will blacken filters, and so on. D. Experts advise to carry out part of the service, and then you will not have problems of this kind. This will maintain its efficiency by about 20-25%.

Cleaning the air conditioner - the procedure is very simple, so you can do it yourself. By the way, in Moscow are available in the professional company "LEON GROUP": http://service-conditioners.pro. If you ask the question: how often to purge, it depends on the dusty room where you nahodites. If you smoke in the room, then it is necessary to clean and smoke. Need to do it at least once a month, if the dirt on the filters much more often. You can find that on the filters after a year of use was not significantly dust. It occurs in those rooms, where he worked as an air cleaner and certainly a few times aweek to do the cleaning. The main cause of the problem conditioner characterized by a multitude of factors. Basically this:

  • The wrong equipment;
  • Faulty installation;
  • improper use.

It is necessary to produce 1-sales service once a year at least. In addition, do cleaning and maintenance cost before the active season and beyond. It is clear that air conditioners require periodic maintenance, in order for you to have constantly technique that works and recommend a discount on service-served basistion will contract.

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