What is a deflector hood (fly swatter)

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The deflector hood - a very interesting Accessorap for cars. Do people still call it "fly swatter." Names related to the fact that these accessories are perfectly protect hood from different napipok insects. But the main function is to protect against damage bonnet and body. Furthermore, the air flow will be via vents. This will help protect windshields and hoods of furanicheskih damage. Another no less important that the accumulation of dirt between the hood and the fly swatter almost stopped.

fly swatter and come up with to the hood of the accumulated dirt and dust can be washed with water. Remember that water flowed very well and was not late you need to properly mount the deflector onhood of the car, meaning the correct distance from it. It is important when choosing to pay attention to:

  1. The quality because it will depend on how long the device will serve you, while not losing its appearance. You must have a good look and the thickness of the plastic processing method edge muhoboyki;
  2. If you want your car had a good view, the cost pay special attention to design;
  3. mount - a very important element, as occurs in brackets in quality "fly swatter." This will help to use factory holes, not drills in their hood.

Where can I buy deflector?

On the site you can see and purchase many different kinds muhoboek. Remember that the main thing is the quality of the deflector, always pay attention to the decoration and protection elements.

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