What types of massage


The man throughout his life passes definednye stages of development and existence. Its practical physical activity requires an expenditure of life energy resource, and therefore requires a recovery. Nature gave man two essential ways to restore power - eating and sleeping. At the same time, the man himself, in the course of its development has created and adapted a number of auxiliary techniques Sunrehydrating the vitality and energy of the person. One of the most popular in the world of applied relaxation techniques is massage. In its form and structure, any massage technique is a combination of mechanical and reflex effects on surface and internal tissues and organs of man, the purpose of which is to dostizhenii certain relaxation or therapeutic effect. Massage can be done in specialized rooms, spa salon or clinic. By the way, in Kiev, you can do massage with a massage "Prosperita":. Massage originated many centuries before our era, as a means of traditional medicine. During this time, almost every nation has developed its tehniki and massage techniques that are unique to these regions. However, all this diversity of techniques and approaches has quite a global focus, which means that it is possible to identify the main types of massage. Them there are only four:

  • sports massage - a set of massage techniques aimed at aCreating optimal muscle tone before a competition or recover from them;
  • therapeutic massage - a complex of rehabilitation techniques used for practical application recovery and   treatment of various diseases;
  • hygienic massage - a set of techniques,used for the prevention of various diseases;
  • facial massage - a set of techniques aimed at the prevention of age-related skin changes.

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