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Digital technology is firmly entered into the life of our society, almost completely Zapolleoniv most of its spheres. Everything that used to be the prerogative of the real world (shopping, going to the cinema reading books, and much more), can now be completely free to carry out even without lifting your butt off the couch thanks to the Internet and your computer. But technology has moved on, and that even two or three years ago, has been available on desktops,in particular leisure activities with the help of computer games, today it is possible for any mobile gadget (smartphone, tablet, laptop). Modern smartphone - it's not just the telephone, allowing to carry out a conversation anywhere in the world. This is a real pocket computer that combines the features of the phone, camera, organizer, computera, including in terms of game software, as it has its own operating system. This fact involves the installation of games as their own software based on the Android platform. By the way, please visit: Features Installation of games based on the mobile OS is three possible ways of actionI:

  • setting from mobile and stationary sources (via cable from a PC or laptop, or from a memory card);
  • installation via the Internet (Wi-Fi or 3G technology);
  • Installation via mobileAndroid Market or service Plei Market (mobile service that combines a sufficiently large number of games are absolutely different genres).

In addition, please note that depending on the type and scope of the game, its operation will be possible with the use of auxiliary information - cache.

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