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The widespread network technologies has made it possible to create a person, in fact, a full parallel reality,lko virtual. Here, there are almost all possible, as in the real world, but in practice, much higher and wider. For example, you need to buy a TV. At the same time, you have a certain amount of money and expect to get for this amount certain characteristics. The advantage of the Internet is that you can not easily allneed for information, reviews and authoritative opinion that, in principle, help to make the right choice in terms of value for money. But this wealth of information is fraught with the fact that you can easily get lost in this flood of information. Moreover, various Internet shops often provide conflicting information on the same positions. Dropit is possible due to such misunderstandings make purchases through landing pages or Landing. In its structure, it is a site consisting of one, two, three pages, but having an extremely targeted content. This is key, because it is the accuracy of the information is a determining factor in the definition of consumer inter-ENA. Transition to and implementation of landing pages Landing managed through a system of advertising banners, as well as a more efficient system - the bank banner ads (ads), a separate site, with links to landing pages (for example, the site Here you will learn, and pay for exactly what you really like. Etof the site is superkatalogom Landing, allowing them to evaluate the fullest advantage.

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