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In our world of technology have a very quick and rapid development. There needsspine to the buildings were the most warm, durable and quickly erected. This can be achieved using sandwich panels of prefabrication. Sandwich panel called building material, which has a three-layer structure composed of sheets dvoh durable material having a warming layer between them. All of this is glued between sobominutes using a hot press. Today is very popular, so finding this building material can be in almost any store.

By appointment distinguish between roof and wall panels sendvi. Applying sandwich panels "sandwich" provides a tight schedule installation, reconstruction, smalleven when capital construction costs, gives additional energy savings of buildings. As a heater used: mineral wool, polyurethane foam, polystyrene foam, fiberglass, foams.

High advantages of the sandwich is   high fire resistance, low weight, which significantly lowers the cost of cadirect construction and sokrtit time. Another priemuschesvami is durability, excellent heat insulation, sound insulation, water resistance, and mechanical, chemical resistance. This pozvoitt produce construction with different natural conditions without lowering quality. Sandwich panels have the advantages and many have drawbacks. Have a wide cnektr construction applications. You can build all kinds of buildings.

So, we can conclude, at the present time, it is the most practical kind of building material, which is in great demand, is used in different countries and, even if it is a country with harsh climatic conditions.

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