What is a classical guitar

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The History of the classical guitar has it that she came from Spain,so it has a different name - "Spaniard". has a classic body with a wide (52mm) and flat neck, as well as synthetic strings. Guitars have a successful sound synthetic strings, metal strings as they are contraindicated. They have a lightweight body, the neck is almost always without anchor pins shafts have increased diametersp. Classical guitar is used in music schools as on a guitar easier to learn and synthetic strings is not as cut fingers and have a long distance. The mediator is not used. Identifies a number of features of the classical guitar. The sound of the acoustic instrument is enhanced by the wooden hull. Use synthetic Articlerunes. This nylon or carbon fiber and in rare cases - gut strings. There are six-string guitar with metal strings. For body guitars used rosewood, mahogany and cedar. The strings are usually plucked with the fingers and the nails used to give a brighter sound. Do not use a microphone and a mustacheiliteli. Only in rare cases, the possible use of the microphone (large room, noisy atmosphere, etc.). Playing classical guitar take classic fit. The housing is to lie down on your left foot,   a neck at 45 ° to the floor. For convenience, you can substitute the stand under the left leg. You can also Useamb suppory mounted on the knee. In this case, do not use stand under foot.

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