The acquisition of the turnstile - the decision of the protection


To today can turn to online store orbuilding materials supermarket. Many offer this popular and non-trivial products. It is intended primarily for organizations reinforced monitoring of the inputs.

With it splits the flow of people passing through the lobby or hallway, and used for a variety of migratory objects administrativeivnyh, industrial, retail. Run them through traditional remote control.

Sometimes it is also used for conventional equipment such units in the control system of the booth guard. There are a few basic modes of operation, which are common in this case:

  • one pass in one direction;
  • free movement in both directions;
  • locked;
  • public function « Antipanic ».

If it is necessary, it is the turnstilecan be equipped with multiple versions of fences and gates. This allows you to fit them into different formats environment, repair and design of the room.

Organic Furnishings normal checkpoints is not only important in terms of original design ideas, but also to maintain the company's image.So, three bars on the unit - one of the most classic choice today.

They are considered accessible and popular, and help naturally draw space. Compact housing, various staining methods, racks T-shaped attachments or variations that can be mounted to a wall or fence.

Meets and a cabinet in the shape of « P & raquo ;, which draws a clear zone of movement, and is optimal for companies with high security requirements at the site.

Comfortable principle, the presence of the barrier boom, which needs only a little crank in a given districtThe direction - all this is very convenient for users. Motorized drive smoothly turn silent equipment, and then fixed in the locked position.

They are made from tested materials that can withstand the longest service life, and work perfectly with due care and attention, without requiring chastogrepair or replacement of parts washable.

This is a practical and necessary equipment, affordable and easy to install, if, immediately contact the experts. Many models, there is a fully or partially automated, so that only the client and the conditions of its territory depends on what he chooses.

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