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It's no secret, especially for professionals in the healthcare industry,as well as potential and actual patients facing problems Oncology nature that the level of provision of specialized medical care in Israel is one of the best if not the best in the world. In many respects, this state of affairs is due to the policy of the state, which invests in the development of medicine enormous cashmeans. At a time when in fact the basic source of income is tourism in the country (this is due to historical and geographical factors), there is also actively developing another hybrid type of income.

Medical Tourism

In the world community, he has a name meditsinsWho tourism, that is a complex event, which combines purely tourist component (in terms of recreation, learning about the culture and life of the peoples of the Middle East, the Mediterranean States) and medical practice (ie, a combination of relaxation with real medical procedures - diagnosis, treatment, rehabilitation).Any treatments in Israel are extremely thoroughness, accuracy, reliability, because it affects the lives of patients, as well as an impeccable reputation medical corps. In fact, the diagnosis is probably a basic, fundamental step in the treatment process because of its reliability and accuracy depends Tactka and strategy for future treatment, or rather their appropriateness and validity. Program diagnosis of cancer in Israel is an integrated comprehensive procedure that is, as of the base, and from innovative, highly specialized techniques. More often than not, in medical practice, both public and privatesector, the following :

  • comprehensive analysis of blood, urine, feces. Used specialized cancer markers;
  • US - one of the most commonly used, not only in cancer, methods of visual inspection of the internal organs;
  • tomography. The most comprehensive and reliable in terms of visualization methods. Depending on the intended area of ??research used a computer, magnetic resonance imaging and positron emission tomography types;
  • X-ray. One of the simplest methods of investigation INTnal organs, but nevertheless does not lose its relevance;
  • biopsy. This sampling of biological material needed for subsequent histological studies concerning the biological nature.

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