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In today's world, education must hanimat a leading role in the domestic and foreign policy of any state. In fact, the way it happens in the leading countries of the world, because it is clearly understood that the preparation of quality training - is the key to economic development. It is thanks to the high level of training, high-material basis and consistent with global trends, forWestern universities occupy leading positions in the world rankings quality of education. Among them, on the right there is also the University of Oxford in England. He is considered the first university in the territory of modern Britain, as well as the oldest in the world, among the universities with the English language teaching.

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University of Oxford - is not only a whole range of colleges and support units, but also a kind of a separate republic which has its own sports teams, theater groups, community organizations and. The latter, incidentally, is one of the oldest, most prestigious and crupneyshih university publications in the world. Statistically, the annual turnover of funds Oxford University Press exceed such total figure of all North American publishers with universities combined. If we analyze the type of output of literature it is primarily educational, didactic and methodological(Dictionaries, reference books, textbooks, tutorials, etc.), although it is absolutely not neglected artistic genre. The most well-known book publishing is the most complete, running and popular in the world English Dictionary - Oxford Dictionary. In addition, the recent release of actively traded audiobooks and applications.


In Ukraine, you can buy online: The most popular audio books among our countrymen are: manuals for teachers, English language courses for students and school-age children, as well as the Oxford Dictionary.

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