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Real estate - this is one of the most vital capacityaemyh and reliable investment in the life of any person, especially a young family. At a time when a new unit of society, it certainly begins to need the necessary housing. You can certainly try to live with their parents, rent an apartment, but ultimately one and the other leads to one thing - the need to still seek their propertion housing. In the first case, the person will accumulate a conflict of interest and lack of personal space, and the second - a banal waste of money wasted. For such a large and dynamic cities like Moscow, this issue is more than urgent. In particular, very active, residential real estate market develops in one of the northernmunicipal districts of the capital - Sviblovo. This area is known to the general public, though not explicitly, the fact that there were shooting the famous comedy « Operation « s » and other adventures Shurik & raquo ;, in particular, it is an episode from the site. In support of this concept in television Sviblovo is being built at the moment more dvadtsati new residential complexes, a different class of real estate (from budget to premium). If you have decided, then you should know that the most important here are the following LCD:

  • "Seventh Heaven" - a large LCD premium consisting of 7 buildings. We apply innovative technologies such as faniruemogo facade, lighting, heating and electricity;
  • "Sky Parks" - housing business class, which has been successfully integrated with the club system;
  • "Stone Flower" - another LCD business class, built on the 25-storey tower scheme.

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