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Among the majority of residents of the formerShih Union republics popular is the employment services in the territory of the Russian Federation, especially in the construction industry. The reasons for this are many, including objective:

  • First, Russia is the largest in area and the potential of all the Union republics, in addition to one of thetraveling players in the global market;
  • Second, the majority of the union republics, especially in Central Asia after the collapse of the Soviet Union lost almost normal markets and employment of the system.

One of these former Soviet republics, which actively uses its framemarketing resources on the market of the Russian Federation, Uzbekistan is. Unfortunately, the vast majority of Uzbeks (as well, and residents of other countries), due to objective circumstances and the legal framework of the Russian Federation, reside and work there without proper registration, simply put - illegally. This approach allows the course to save on taxesand the cost of work on legalization, but it also has a downside: it makes a potential employee is absolutely not protected in legal terms. As you know, any foreigner, including Uzbek, who wants to work in the territory of the Russian Federation, must undergo the procedure of legalization and, as a result, get a work permit. It is worth the Oodlstvie about 2 thousand rubles a year and requires a certain amount of time to complete the procedure. Alternative for people from Uzbekistan can become a patent registration of migrant workers. takes the form of a one-time advance is much simpler in design. Earlier patent had one major limitation - they can take advantage of migrants, etc.stumble to work for individuals entrepreneurship, but beginning in 2015 the citizens will be able to obtain a patent career also legal entities (companies, organizations, businesses, and so on. d.).

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